New Title, Same Great Adventure
December 3, 2023 Featured

New Title, Same Great Adventure

"Mollector" is evolving into "Neogenesis"

Dear gamers,

We have some exciting news to share with you today! We're thrilled to inform that the game's development is nearing its final goal, and we've made an important decision to amplify the game's values during this critical and upcoming phase. We're changing the game project's title from "Mollector" to "Neogenesis" to provide a more favorable platform for the game's lore and experience to flourish and evolve. “Mollector” is and will remain part of our identity as the Studio’s name and property.

"Neogenesis" is a game that offers a unique Collectible Card Game experience that will take you on a journey through a world of science fiction and fantasy. You will explore new worlds, engage in epic battles, and discover the mysteries of the universe. Neogenesis is built by a small team with big dreams and has been designed to be able to evolve as new technologies mature and new techniques develop. With our development team’s research and experimentation, in combination with our community’s support and feedback, Neogenesis also earned great opportunities for improvements in many areas of gameplay and performance as well as a greater direction in the world of Web 3.0 gaming. 

Collaborative game mechanics have been reimagined and revamped: In "Neogenesis," we've enhanced the World Boss feature to enable players' cooperation in overcoming challenging obstacles and completing quests together. This new mechanic will allow players to form alliances, team up with friends and discuss strategies easier while keeping the core mobile gaming experience simple and convenient.

Enhanced battle logics: We're also thrilled to inform you that "Neogenesis" will have a much more enjoyable battle system with improved logic that will make gameplay more impactful and engaging. The new system will facilitate your play style with greater balancing, lore immersion and variations to provide a unique and satisfying experience for players.

Improved rewards system: We understand the importance of rewarding players for their efforts, and we're pleased to announce that "Neogenesis" will have an enhanced reward system that will provide players with better incentives to keep exploring beyond the pursuit of victories. This new system will give players access to exclusive rewards for completing various tasks and missions that will give you the opportunities to fully enjoy many facets of the game’s world.

Lore expansions: Lastly, we're excited to share that "Neogenesis" will have expanded lore that will provide players with a richer and more immersive gaming experience. The new lore will introduce new characters, creatures, and storylines that will keep players engaged and invested in the game while fostering deeper community creations and adaptations.

With these new updates, we're confident that "Neogenesis" will provide an unparalleled card game experience that will exceed the expectations of the project’s original goals. We're committed to delivering a game that you'll love, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to bringing more updates to you soon.

Mollector Studio.