Awake, Mollectors & Get ready for Pre-Alpha!
April 22 to May 22  in Past Event

Awake, Mollectors & Get ready for Pre-Alpha!

A game is but a platform, the culture that springs from it is what we're after. Because culture is commerce. Join us and start a new world today!
Mollector is a Player-Centric Collectible Card Game at heart. Being powered by Blockchain doesn't dilute the game's focus on Enjoyment and Exploration. The Pre-Alpha phase of Mollector is an important milestone for the game's development life-cycle which involves real players testing and experiencing the core features of the game.
Collectible Card Games have always been a community-driven kind of game. More so for Mollector, we firmly believe that a great game is defined by the great joy we have in playing together and great fun is created by the players. In that spirit, we would love to invite all interested Players to join us in a fully functional PvP Game mode with 30 Cards unlocked for the freedom of Deck building and asynchronous battles. We will meet you in the game and on Discord, we will play together, discuss deck strategies, trade ideas and banter on the things we could do to make the game a great platform for Enjoyment, Exploration and Earning.
To focus on the elements of fun and gameplay experience, earning mechanics are not implemented for Pre-Alpha version. The game’s economy and earning features are vital to the Mollector’s Ecosystem on a different scale and deserve great care to be perfect.
Below is a summary of the stages of development we can expect to experience for Mollector NFT Gaming Ecosystem.


  • Playable on Mobile & Desktop Devices
  • Sign-in with Metamask
  • Deckbuilding
  • Duel
  • Card Collection
  • Combat Log
  • Leaderboard


Pre-Alpha access will be open in 4 weeks from April 22 2022 to May 22 2022 with the weekly schedules below
PLAY: 24 hours access with a daily Energy Limit to try out the game and climb the ranks.
OFF: Access is restricted to allow for system analysis, debugging, and updates.
RESET: Gameplay data to be reset for the next week of fun and ranking competition.


Reward to player on top Rank at the end of the weekly cycle.
   2,100 MOL
Reward to player on 2ndRank at the end of the weekly cycle.
    1,400 MOL
Reward to player on 3rd Rank at the end of the weekly cycle.
   700 MOL
Reward to players with screen captures of best moments


Reference to help you Login:
More details will be updated as we make progress towards the launch!